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Atauúba Microcurrent facial-neck

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Microcurrent facial neck massage

The Atauúba Microcurrent facial neck massage brings many benefits after a stressful day. It is a cosmetic massage tool for neck and face that improves muscles, providing well-being, facial lifting, reduction of expression marks and skin sagging with acoustic vibration and thermal massage to improve blood circulation, delay the aging of epidermal cells and promote collagen production with anti-aging effect. It's a great way to treat yourself with affection and care!

What is it?

The Atauuba Microcurrent facial and neck massager 3-in-1 device uses sonic vibration, heat therapy and charges to improve skin hydration, cleanliness and overall appearance. He is the perfect treatment for those who want healthy and beautiful skin! 

Designed for daily use, this device is lightweight, small and easy to use. It can be taken with you anywhere providing, in addition to well-being, a brighter and healthier skin.

Why is it so special?

Atauúba Microcurrent facial-neck provides an ionic charge that initiates an electro-osmotic flow process, working in conjunction with sonic vibrations, heat therapy and LED light to keep the skin hydrated and reduce water flow. closes pores and relieves dark circles.

  • Lynphatic massage.
  • Reduce neck lines.
  • Dilute facial lines.
  • Fade forehead lines
  • Restore skin elasticity.
  • Controls skin oiliness
  • Relaxes facial and neck muscles

How it works?

 The Atauuba  Microcurrent facial relaxes your facial and neck muscles while aiding in the deep absorption of skin care products, and can be used with or without a serum or moisturizer. It will dispense light ultrasonic microwaves to gently massage the skin, gently opening the pores and helping to eliminate toxins from the skin. It allows you to choose the LED light option you want to use.

  • Red light will tender your skin and restore elasticity.
  • Green light will make you skin tender and bright again.
  • Blue light will help you get rid of acne, shrink pores and balance skin oil secretion.

How to use it?

Before starting the facial and neck massage, please make sure that the device is properly recharged and disconnected from the power supply at this time. Carry out your skin care routine as usual with the devices and cosmetics of your choice, apply your ultimate facial serum or moisturizing cream to your face and neck and spread it gently with your fingers, choose the LED light you want to use and massage slowly and evenly. Smooth all over the face and neck skin and enjoy the results.


What is included

  • Atauúba Microcurrent Facial-Neck
  • USB Power Adaptor.
  • User manual.

 1 year manufacturing warranty

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